Tannat – My New Wine

Uruguay is a little country but has some big wines being produced here.

I really like a hearty dry red wine and my first choice has always been Cabernet Sauvignon. But as I got older it started to cause stomach issues. So I gave it up and went to a nice Merlot – again, very nice but soon one glass effected my stomach.  Finally we found Shiraz and then Malbec…and as with the others one glass became an issue. So I stopped drinking red wine.  You know you just can’t give everything up just because you are getting older. For goodness sake one lousy glass of wine should not cause such a problem, but it did.

Even before we arrived in Montevideo Joe suggested I try Uruguayan Tannat. He had read many articles about this wine when he was doing his research on our making the move.  He wanted me to give it a try once we got here. Well so far so good.  It is the only red wine that I have had that does not require a long breathing process.  You open the bottle and it is ready to drink. No swirling, no waiting around for it to aerate and no special aeration spout – nothing, just open and enjoy. Don Pascual is a product of Uruguay and quite inexpensive at U$S 5.89 at the local supermarket. That is what I have tried and so far it has been a wonderful drink, very hearty but not harsh, has a wonderful fruity taste and packs a punch.  One glass is my limit.

Above is the supermarkets box Tannat. Nice especially for the low price of U$S 2.79 a liter.

We hope to take a tour through some of the vineyards in our area. There is a tour company located right in our soon to be new hometown of Atlantida. So I am excited about checking out what Uruguay has to offer.


Meier’s Sabor de Bamboo

We have found a great resource for things that we cannot find in the tiendas here in Clemente. First I must tell you that Meier has been in this area for over 10 years, he has a restaurant and bar at the far northern end of Clemente up near the bluff. He serves a mean almuerzo during the week and his seafood dinners are excellent and priced right and you can get a nice ale on tap. We have gone up a few times for breakfast on Sunday mornings where he serves a traditional American style breakfast including eggs over easy, crispy bacon, real toasted bread served with margarine and jam, fresh squeezed orange juice and an excellent large mug of fresh brewed coffee. All of this for $2.50 and I did not have to lift a finger…But I digress.

He is the local distributor for many brands of spirits, wine and beers making both Joe and I very happy indeed. His prices are great, he delivers right to your door and did I mention he even makes a lovely thin crust pizza after 7pm each evening. Oh, sorry I keep remembering his food. He carries quart and gallon jugs of a fruit vinegar that I have used for my pickling of eggs and vegetables  He has several brands of box wine, probably 25 different varieties of bottled wine, a variety of rums, vodkas, as well as coffee.

He will grind both beef and pork, sell you cuts of both meats, carries a wonderful brand of mozzarella cheese as well as good quality bacon and will order cream cheese for me anytime I want. Sunday we ordered a box of goodies that were delivered Monday morning. If you get him your order early Monday he will have your order delivered to your door by Thursday.

He also has a hostel on the property and it is located a short 1 minute walk to a very quiet beach.