Piglets and the Lot Next Door

This rainy season has not been what we had expected. I was told that last year it rained for hours at a time, streets were a mess with mud up to your knees and it continued for four months. Now I am not interested in four months of muddy streets so I am not complaining that we had such a beautiful rainy season. I guess what I want to know is, if we did get all that rain what would the lot next door look like? Right now it has been less than two months from when I first had Jose come in and cut the weeds back. Look at it today!

San Clemente 4.25.2013 005

San Clemente 4.25.2013 002

The vines are climbing up the walls, attaching themselves to the trees in our yard and look more and more like kudzu every day.

We are holding off having Jose back until we are sure the rains have stopped. But we did have a few visitors that came by yesterday just to check it out.

San Clemente 4.25.2013 003

San Clemente 4.25.2013 004