Weather in Atlantida

We have only been in our home two weeks today so I can only give you my impression of the fall weather in that time period.  It is cold! The house gets so cold at night and there is no central heat just a fireplace which we do not even have wood for at this point. During the day, if the sun is shining it is absolutely beautiful, clear skies, crisp air but hot sun to compensate.  You must start your day layered with cool clothing underneath and top with sweaters or fleece vests and a good jacket.  I have already worn my wool cap as well as my down filled jacket but within a few hours needed to strip down to those lighter things underneath. We have had one day of gloomy weather with rain showers and that makes everything seem even colder.

Some of the trees are turning yellow and dropping their leaves and the parrots are making nests in every tree in the area getting ready for winter.  They must eat the seed pods of the pine cones as there are cones all over the street and yards under those trees, with birds in a frenzy of excitement.

Right now is 75 degrees with 62% humidity and 6 mph winds at 2pm. Low for today is 56 high 76. Just a beautiful fall day!

Rain, Rain Go Away

While living in Salinas for over a year we were so surprised that it rained so little there. I would have to guess the total rain for a 15 month period was only a few inches. After that I felt like an expert on the weather. What a joke! I assumed (that ugly word) that the weather on this part of the Ecuadorian coast was always like that maybe the exception would be an  El Niño and La Niña  type system once in a blue moon. Wrong, Wrong, SO Wrong!

We have been in Playas for six months and the amount of rain we have gotten is almost unbelievable. I can only compare it to our trip to Seattle! Again last night it rained ALL NIGHT, non-stop and this morning it is so humid you get out of bed damp. The front car park area of our yard looks like a pool with black mold growing on the walls and especially the pavers. It is slippery and just plain yucky!

Yesterday when our guardian Oswaldo came to work he said he saw pescado and camarones in the pond at the back of the property, great joke for him and both Joe and I totally understood what he was talking about. There is no pond behind our house, or at least there is not supposed to be one. I just love these people, you give them lemons and they do make lemonade and then laugh about it.

Not one person I have run into over the past month has had a bad word to say about the weather, the humidity or the rain and the resulting muddy streets. I really need to get a more Ecuadorian attitude and I know it. Many places in town were sweeping or using buckets to get water out of the first floor tossing it out on to the already muddy streets. They still have a good outlook and this is a temporary  inconvenience. How wonderful to have such a great disposition. Dear Lord help me to become more Ecuadorian in word and deed!

I think this morning when Oswaldo comes by I will get a broom handle with a string on it and stand over the pond. That should make him chuckle.

Not much of a fishing pole but he did get a good laugh out of it when I asked him to catch me a few pescado for lunch.