Sal de Mar

The local salt that you buy at SuperMaxi or Hipermart contains fluoride.  I am not happy to have extra additives in our table salt and have searched for sea salt for ages.  In the meantime I have made my own by getting sea water and boiling it down until all you have left is salt. This is a time-consuming job and after boiling down 1 gal of sea water you get about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of salt.

A few days ago my neighbor Ivan was going into Charapoto and I hitched a ride looking for some good potting soil and DMSO at the local veterinarian store. I found that the veterinarian doctora had never heard of DMSO and the place where you can buy soil was closed. But on the way back to San Clemente I struck gold…sea salt. Our neighbors call it sal grueso or chunky salt.

San Clemente 4.24.2013 002

A huge bag looked to be 75 pounds was selling for $5. It will take us forever to use that much salt so I asked for two dollars worth and honestly it looks to be around 40 pounds.