Building a Finca

New neighbors moved in across the street from us a few months ago. Ivan, his son Ivan and his nephew Max have been working every day from before sunup to after sundown on their finca in San Clemente. This week Ivan took me to see their property.

The above tree is a Palo Santo, I could smell the beautiful aroma before Ivan told me what it was. This wood is dried for a year and sold in little sticks. These sticks are then set on fire and allowed to smoke. The smoke is pleasant smelling and mosquitoes do not like it one little bit. Max this could be a side business for the finca, selling Palo Santo to the locals.

The finca is 25 hectares located on the road leading to Bahia. The property is made up of beautiful sloping hills, gentle elevating drives leveling to pristine plateaus overlooking the beauty of the Pacific Ocean from the hills of Manta to the South up to the bluffs at the end of San Clemente to the North. One section sits between two huge Ceibo trees that has a 360 degree view of the entire area. Just breathtaking! One thing that absolute struck me was the wonderful breeze that kept us cool on our walk up to the top of one section of the property.

The ceibo trees are just amazing, they are huge, have so many crevasses that would make great hiding places were it not for the thorns like a rose-bush on its bark.

Now onto the Finca part, they are going to plant tamarind trees. Hundreds and hundreds of tamarind trees. So Max has the beginning of a green house all set up with table after table, bag after bag of seedlings.

Ivan also said that they will be planting all kinds of fruit trees. Just what I love, fresh fruit right from the tree. Life can’t get much better than that!