Let’s Talk About Potholes

Back in early February my sister Janice who lives outside of Atlanta sent us several beautiful photos of the trees and flowers in bloom just one week after she sent a photo of the snow on her street.  Then another sister, Linda from Pennsylvania, commented “Excited to be seeing spring down there soon … Right now all NEPA has to offer is dirty, melting snow … and oh, yeah … POTHOLES!”  So I thought I would give you a series of photos of the streets I walk each day.

Let’s compare potholes, shall we?

San Clemente 4.8.2014 056 San Clemente 4.8.2014 058 San Clemente 4.8.2014 060 San Clemente 4.8.2014 064 San Clemente 4.8.2014 065Right before carnaval the municipality sent folks out to fix the potholes but it seems they ran out of steam or material for the roads in our neighborhood. We did have rain the morning I took these photos and when these potholes fill it takes a few days for them to dry up…right now the street in front of our house is a mess…Just a few more weeks and we will be back in the dry season and the road will be easier to navigate.