Naval Museum



A short walk from the apartment to the rambla we found the Navel Museum.  It was not open the day we walked by so I was able only to get some outside pictures.

What I like about this area is all the parks, playgrounds and open grassy areas for children and families to share. Not much is cordoned off you can bring the kids up onto some of the military equipment and let them have some fun.

Uruguay, well Montevideo in particular, seems to have a great respect for the outdoors. So many parks, so many green spaces, so many benches and playgrounds for everyone to enjoy.  The city fathers thought out the planning of the city to include many places where people can enjoy the outdoors.


Bethany and Larry Return from the States

We have met some really great folks here in San Clemente. Our nearest neighbors that are Expats are Bethany and Larry, They rent a house right on Ave. Quito about a block from our home and are building their beach home right around the corner.

San Clemente 7.15.2013 005They had plans to return to the states for several weeks and were kind enough to allow me to ship them some items that are difficult, if not impossible, for us to find here. They came over right after their return to bring these wonderful treasures.

Thanks Bethany and Larry for finding all that room in your luggage for our items.  We are going to Guayaquil early next month  – is there anything that you need or want that we can bring back for you?