A Cotton Plant and the Ceibo Trees in San Clemente

While out walking I came across a cotton bush two streets over from our home. It does not look like the cotton plants that you see while driving through the southern states in the US but that is exactly what it is.  This plant was about 8 feet tall and covered with little puffs of cotton.

San Clemente 9.11.2013 021

San Clemente 9.11.2013 023Above is an unopened pod.

While out with Max visiting the finca I made him stop as I saw yet another cotton bush. He thought it was the stuff found in the ceibo trees. But actually it was both the cotton from a real cotton plant as well as the fluff found on a ceiba tree.

San Clemente 12.31a.2013 002On the left is the ceibo pot and on the right is a cotton boll.  According to Max in the old days the cotton from the ceibo tree was used to stuff mattresses.The ceibo tree is protected in Ecuador,

Love to see nature up close like this. Now where’s my spinning wheel?