Furniture Refinishing

When we purchased this house it came with several pieces of furniture, all good wood pieces. Two round dining tables, eight stools, 4 bedside tables, two full size beds as well as two bunk beds and two low benches. Most of the pieces were looking a bit worn, splattered with paint and basically in sad shape. Like I said good wood but visually unattractive due to neglect. I spoke with Patricia about having them refinished. What a difference. The wood maestro who has his business just a few short blocks from our house, did a beautiful job of taking something that looked battered and made it look exceptional.

These are the before pictures:

These bedroom tables were missing the drawers. I really don’t like drawers in this climate because everything smells musty after sitting inside a closed drawer. I had the maestro fit this with a piece of wood like a little shelf. It works great and looks so much better than having a gaping hole where a drawer should be.

The one table was the worse of all the pieces, between the wood on the top being separated and uneven, gouges, paint splatters and the pedestal split it looked ready to fall apart.  I did not know if repairs were going to bring it back to its original condition.

The stools were used for many purposes looking at the wear and tear but for $160 the maestro has transformed my furniture into what you see below.

Right now we are pretty short on places to put anything. Ecuadorian houses do not have closets and we actually have almost no storage at all. We did open the one kitchen cupboard into the bedroom making it the only closet in the house and are using the one bunk bed in our bedroom as shelving to hold our clothes and the second bunk bed for food and kitchen supplies. It is not perfect but it is working.

It was worth having these pieces refinished and repaired and Joe and I will get many years of use out of them. On to the next project!