It’s the Yardbirds (okay some are on the beach)

I guess it is because of all the rain, the amount of bugs and yummy things available in our yard these days but we have seen a great number of different birds the past several days stopping in for a visit.

These are the tiniest sweet little parrots that I have seen. They can’t be bigger than 3″ or 4″ and are they chatterers, I only noticed them on the electric wires because they were carrying on so.

These crane type birds (UPDATE Sandy one reader said these birds are called Ibis 3/26/2012)  are normally out on the beach but the past several days they must have found some juicy bugs that have enticed them to our yard. They are very skittish and at the slightest movement they spread their huge wings and head skyward. Sorry that the pictures are not very clear they were always moving.

The yellow birds are the sweetest they come into the yard every day and they look like a couple to me. The male must be the one with the bright orange head.

Playas fisherman use balsa rafts to drop nets offshore. Then a group of men onshore pull the nets in, dragging everything that is in the water onto the beach. When they are near the beach the birds show up, dipping and diving trying to get a fresh fish. I have been told these are frigate birds and there should be some pelicans in the mix as well.

My knowledge of birds is basic as you can see. I just love watching them but if you know their names please be kind enough to share with me so I can share with my readers. Have a beautiful weekend! Nancy & Joe