Team Gringo Soccer

This afternoon while Joe and I were walking back from Chipipe we heard shouting and cheering on the beach. It was a soccer game between the red team “Team Gringo” and another team in white. When we got back up to our apartment we could still hear the shouts of   USA  USA  USA  along with cheering when the red team scored.  They sure were a vocal crowd. Sounded like the red team were the winners.

Volleyball on the Beach

Early last week I saw this sign posted in the Los Palmeras section of the Salinas beach.

Both Saturday and Sunday Joe and I attended the national elimination games. All of the Ecuadorian teams were impressive, I can’t remember seeing men quite this tall anywhere in this country, they would make great basketball players as well.  What impressed us the most were the women’s teams from Esmeraldas, what exceptional players especially on the winning team shown in the first photo below.

The International Volleyball Championship games will be held in Montanita on July 20, 21 & 22. If you are in the area, even if you are not a volleyball fan, I think you would enjoy seeing these fine athletes in action.

2011 Salinas Triathlon Championships

This morning we awoke to loud music on the malecon about 4:30am.  The street a few blocks from our apartment was blocked off and was being set up for what looked like a race of some sort. Actually it is the:

2011 Salinas Triathlon Junior South American Championships

2011 Salinas ITU Triathlon Pan American Cup and South American Championships

On my walk I was able to get these photos:

The program is outlined on this website:

The athletes start with a swim after which they drop their swim gear in these baskets – each athlete has a specific basket marked with their name.

They then run to their bike station where their shoes, helmets, bike and other gear is stored to start the second leg of this race.

The last leg of the race is on foot.

Just another day in Salinas…What next? Actually, Carnaval, but that’s another story and we won’t be here!