Happy Belated Birthday Eva

Our dear friend Eva had her birthday the middle of July.  But we were not able to celebrate until several weeks later and then I was under the weather so I am finally able to post.  We went up to Meier’s hoping to have something from his new menu…but his new menu starts at noon and ends at 6pm…So we had his pizza instead.

IMG_3017We had a good old-fashioned “Girl Chat” for a few hours, enjoyed a pink citrus drink and pizza.  Could not ask for more.

Happy Belated Birthday, Eva…

Celtic and French Folk Music in San Clemente

IMG_2097On Saturday my friend Eva called and asked if I would be interested in attending a Celtic and French Folk Music concert at Meier’s Sabor de Bamboo. It was a fun time with three young French travelers preforming for us.

It was a lovely performance, they are quite talented young people. Below is a video, remember this was taken at a bar/restaurant with many conversations going on around us.