Futbolistas from Chone in San Clemente

This morning I met these fine young people from Chone. They are here in San Clemente to play futbol and will be playing on the beach at 11am.

San Clemente 2.22.2014 004If you are in the area come out and join in the fun.  What a great looking group of very sweet young people.

Good Luck!!!

Team Gringo Soccer

This afternoon while Joe and I were walking back from Chipipe we heard shouting and cheering on the beach. It was a soccer game between the red team “Team Gringo” and another team in white. When we got back up to our apartment we could still hear the shouts of   USA  USA  USA  along with cheering when the red team scored.  They sure were a vocal crowd. Sounded like the red team were the winners.