Pata de Vaca – Look How Beautiful!

Correction: This tree is called Bauhinia forficata not Tulipan and is commonly known as Brazilian orchid tree or Pata de Vaca (foot of the cow because of the shape of the leaves). It is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae.  Thank you Esthela Deleg for finding out the correct name.

Outside the wall at Palmazul I see this beautiful tree. When it is in bloom the flowers are just so lovely I could not pass without taking a photo.

IMG_2115IMG_2115aMakes my day!

Flower Show Everyday

Flowers have always been a part of my homes, fresh cut flowers to flower beds and pots overflowing with whatever is available. Here I am not having as much success as back in the states but I still continue to plant to find what will thrive in our area. This is what’s blooming in the garden now:San Clemente 9.25.2014 007 San Clemente 9.25.2014 008 San Clemente 9.25.2014 011 San Clemente 9.25.2014 012 San Clemente 9.25.2014 013 San Clemente 9.25.2014 014 San Clemente 9.25.2014 016 San Clemente 9.25.2014 019 San Clemente 9.25.2014 020 San Clemente 9.25.2014 021 San Clemente 9.25.2014 023San Clemente 9.25.2014 003San Clemente 9.25.2014 006

Hope you have a wonderful day!



Flowering Plants, Trees and Vines to Start Off the New Year!

The beach here has almost no beach at high tide so I walk on the road when the tide is high which is often. My walking routine starts at 6am because once the sun come up I find it too hot for a brisk walk. I have taken these walking opportunities to take some photos of the beautiful flowers around town.


San Clemente 10.7.2013 012San Clemente 10.7.2013 013San Clemente 10.7.2013 014San Clemente 10.7.2013 018San Clemente 10.31.2013 004San Clemente 9.21.2013 014San Clemente 10.2.2013 007 San Clemente 10.2.2013 008San Clemente 10.7.2013 015 San Clemente 9.11.2013 004 San Clemente 9.11.2013 007 San Clemente 9.11.2013 008 San Clemente 9.11.2013 010 San Clemente 9.11.2013 011 San Clemente 9.11.2013 012 San Clemente 9.11.2013 013 San Clemente 9.11.2013 017 San Clemente 9.11.2013 018 San Clemente 9.11.2013 021 San Clemente 9.11.2013 023 San Clemente 9.11.2013 029 San Clemente 9.21.2013 002 San Clemente 9.21.2013 003 San Clemente 9.21.2013 006 San Clemente 9.21.2013 011

San Clemente 9.21.2013 030 San Clemente 9.21.2013 036 San Clemente 9.21.2013 039 San Clemente 9.21.2013 042 San Clemente 9.21.2013 043Happy New Year, Feliz Año Nuevo to all our family and friends.

Carambola (Star Fruit – but locals call it Fruta China)

Yesterday afternoon while sitting out in the yard I looked up to see several almost ripe star fruit just staring down at me.  My friend Eva said to add them to a regular salad for a special kick. That sounds like a lovely way to eat the bounty from our yard.

San Clemente 7.18.2013 003

San Clemente 7.18.2013 002

There are several bunches of little pink flowers along with a few very tiny little fruits. It is so much fun to search in the branches to see if any of them contain fruit. It looks like we will have five very nice ripe fruit in the next several days and then several more over the next month.

San Clemente 7.18.2013 009

What a treat!

Trying My Hand at Planting

I wanted to share with you a few plants that have started to spring up in my garden. First and foremost a special thank you to Liz for bringing a horseradish root on the plane with her when she visited a few weeks ago. I cut it in half not wanting to ruin the entire root and followed the instructions I found on the internet. I planted it on an angle and it has started to grow. Now I am not sure that it will continue to thrive here because of how warm it is but I have faith that I am supposed to have a horseradish plant.

San Clemente 3.24.2013 034

Next to the horseradish plant I planted several cloves of garlic. They are springing up but again I am not sure they will do well in this heat so I am going to clip the tops and add to salads for a nice garlicky hit.

San Clemente 3.24.2013 031

I have also planted a few knobs of ginger and again they are starting to sprout so keep your fingers crossed that they will grow for us.

San Clemente 3.24.2013 038

I also planted the seeds from a Hawaiian papaya – they tend to be a bit sweeter than the big ones. I know they need to be thinned out but I just cannot make myself destroy these little babies just yet, maybe next week I will be ready to pull them up.

San Clemente 3.24.2013 039

I have several dill plants that are doing their best to make it. We could sure use some fresh dill for my mother’s chicken soup recipe.

San Clemente 3.24.2013 037

Now here are the bouganvilla plants that I cut from beautiful red-flowered plants growing on the fence of Vista Azul. I planted them months ago before the rain started and they did nothing for so long I thought they were dead. Look at those beautiful red flowers, these have the long spikes and will be added security on our wall on the street side of our property.

San Clemente 3.24.2013 036

Well, off to re-pot all my potted plants. Max our neighbor brought me two huge sacks of soil from his farm. It is so black and rich I know my potted plants will just go wild for it. Now all I need is that old straw hat my Dad would wear in his garden…………….

San Clemente 3.24a.2013 002