Food Truck Heaven

Food trucks are a very big thing here in Uruguay.  There are several in little Atlantida. The one we pass every time we go into town sits about 5 blocks from the house. I stopped one day coming back from town and took home a chivito and a cheeseburger.  The chivito was wonderful, would not get the cheeseburger again. Have been totally spoiled when it comes to burgers after having Rudy Burgers in Montevideo, NOTHING can compare.

Joe was up to taking a walk a few weeks ago so we strolled down for a nice lunch break.  I wanted the chirizo sausage sandwich so we both ordered those and it was well worth it. Can’t wait to do that again!

Walking In Ciudad Vieja Montevideo

Because we have had appointments near the law office several times this past week,  we have made the afternoons a time to explore the area around Ciudad Vieja.  So far we have visited Plaza Independencia and its huge statue of General Artigas.  What a beautiful square with a wide plaza surrounded by many benches for taking a well deserved pause.  The plaza surrounded by grass and the huge palm trees that stand at attention to show their respect for Uruguay’s national hero – José Gervasio Artigas Arnal (June 19, 1764 – September 23, 1850).

montevideo-1-31-2 montevideo-1-31-3 montevideo-1-31-3aPalacio Salvo is a beautiful building opened 1928 built in the Italian Gothic style and was at one time the tallest building in South American for many years – the first skyscraper on the continent.  It stands like an old grandfather watching over the plaza.  It is a magnificent building and now has rental apartments.  What we have noticed here is the old buildings are treasured and many are still in use even today.  The architecture is a mix of modern and old, that seem to work together.  The tree-lined streets are welcoming and cool during the hottest part of the day.

montevideo-1-31-4After walking for what seemed like hours, we decided to stop and get a bite for lunch.  We have had great success in finding places that make the traditional Chivito sandwich. But the first place we had this sandwich was in the mall right around the corner from our apartment.  And lo and behold what did we find but the same restaurant, La Pasiva.  If we find something we like we will, well at least I will, have it again and again. And I have Joe pretty much convinced in doing the same.

montevideo-1-31-12Now that is a happy face.montevideo-1-31-11A chivito is made many different ways, this one happens to be the Chivito Canadiense. First a great roll, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, green olives, a piece of tenderloin of beef, a few slices of ham, a few slices of bacon, I think there is cheese as well, cover the whole thing in french fries and you have a Uruguayan Chivito Canadiense.  All you need to do now is to get working on it.

montevideo-1-31-10The restaurant reminded me of those in New York City. Long narrow space, tables on the one side and one side having a counter with seating and behind that is the kitchen area.  It was very comfortable, it is table service, but the Uruguayans consider this a fast food restaurant.  So far we have had chivitos three times since getting here.  Guess it is going to be one of our new favorites.