Rosita’s Tasty Little Food Truck

On the block above the Montevideo Mall you will find this cute little food truck. Joe read a blog article by a visitor who stayed in our area of Montevideo and this guy praised the food so of course, we had to try it. Joe decided on the chorizo completo (sausage with all the goodies) and we were not disappointed. It was a juicy fresh sausage of good quality with mozzarella cheese, ham, bacon and sauces and toppings. Joe picked the local spicy mustard and marron which are cooked red peppers along with onions and mushrooms.

It was served in a bag to keep all the goodness from spilling on your clothes.  It was wonderful and we will need to have one again very soon.  I do have to tell you that the place was spotless the chrome sparkled it was so clean. The cost was $3.75 USD

Easter Candy

It was fun to walk into the Tienda Inglesa this morning to see huge displays of Easter candies.

It looks like many young kids will be having a great Easter treat.

Cementerio del Buceo

On our walk down to see Greetingman we passed two cemeteries. The first is the British Cemetery and the second larger one is the Buceo Cemetery.  I could not resist so Joe and I took a walk down just a few of the streets and I was amazed at the unbelievable statues, monuments and crypts.

The cemetery dates back to 1835 and has some striking religious and other artwork.

I was pretty perplexed at some of the statues, like the one above.  Who is this of, the deceased? I just did not get many of the statues and then all the busts, I have never seen a bust of the deceased on his grave.  They sure do it different here in Uruguay.

It is a very impressive cemetery, not something I will soon forget.


If you have followed our adventure for the past few months you will already know how the Uruguayans are into their statues and monuments.  This is way cooler than anything we had seen before.

Greetingman stand 6 meters high unveiled back in 2012.  Its main artist is Yoo Young-ho (South Korean sculptor) and there are a series of these statues, this being the first – the second in South Korea and the third in Panama City, Panama.  The statue depicts a man bowing in a typical Asian greeting.  The color blue means lack of prejudice.

The statue overlooks the water in this Buceo neighborhood.  I am bowing in return to show my respect.He is some huge dude.

Shopping Cart or Like I Call It The Old Lady Cart

montevideo-2-12-34Some days our shopping consists of just a few bags, but those bags can be heavy. Getting a taxi is easy but the supermarket is only 2 blocks from the apartment. So if we can walk it we do. In our walking around town we noticed so many people young and old alike pulling one of these carts behind them while they were walking home.  For $15 we bought this beauty and have used it several times both from the Supermarket and the Sunday Market.

It holds a good amount of packages, is pretty easy to either push or pull and stores well right next to the front door so we will remember to take it when we shop.

Yes, I hear ya, we are officially old.  Bring it on!!!