Front Door Keys (Llaves)

When we first arrived in Montevideo we were given the keys to our apartment and it looked like the old skeleton keys from the US back from when we were kids. This is the common key used for gates as well as front doors here. Just a bit different so I wanted to let you get a good look.

They even sell them in colored metal.

And your door’s key hole has a little cover on the outside. Just something different to share.


2 thoughts on “Front Door Keys (Llaves)

  1. I am very curious as to the cost of rent there? We are looking to possibly relocate our family there as we desire to simplify our lives.
    Our biggest challenge is finding income. Do you know what it is like to work there? Thanks for the blog.. its posts like these that keep me looking to the future with anticipation and excitement!! I hope to one day blog our experience!!

    • Hi Tina, We are paying a little under $700 a month for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath with a living and dining room with a small kitchen and laundry room. Actually it is a bit big for us. We are just here one month and have not received a full months bill for utilities but electric is expensive and houses do not have any central heating system. We have a fireplace in the living room and small space heaters for the other rooms. We are here on a pension visa and will not be working. If I were you I would join the Uruguay Expat group on Facebook called Uruguay Expats and Folks on these forums should be able to answer your questions about working. How is your Spanish? A great deal of folks here speak English but the primary language is Spanish and that would be the language of business here. It is not your regular Spanish it is specific to Uruguay and parts of Argentina. One thing I do know is salaries are low compared to places like the USA. Good luck always good to have a dream for you and your family, Nancy

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