Rosita’s Tasty Little Food Truck

On the block above the Montevideo Mall you will find this cute little food truck. Joe read a blog article by a visitor who stayed in our area of Montevideo and this guy praised the food so of course, we had to try it. Joe decided on the chorizo completo (sausage with all the goodies) and we were not disappointed. It was a juicy fresh sausage of good quality with mozzarella cheese, ham, bacon and sauces and toppings. Joe picked the local spicy mustard and marron which are cooked red peppers along with onions and mushrooms.

It was served in a bag to keep all the goodness from spilling on your clothes.  It was wonderful and we will need to have one again very soon.  I do have to tell you that the place was spotless the chrome sparkled it was so clean. The cost was $3.75 USD

6 thoughts on “Rosita’s Tasty Little Food Truck

    • Actually Joe and I split the sausage, it was very nice. Great flavor and had a great crunch when you bit into it. That is always the test for me, if a sausage or hot dog does not snap back when I take a bite honestly I loose interest. This was great and we will be back and I will get one just for me. ha ha Nancy

    • It was a good sandwich. Here the food trucks do not have tomatoes or lettuce they only use things like chopped green olives, there is some health department reason but Joe read where that will be changed this year. I am sure that sausage sandwich would have tasted better with some chopped tomato, fresh onion etc. we will have it again for sure. Nancy

  1. Hello guys , very happy to seeing you enjoying Montevideo, I need to ask you why you leave St Clemente, I’m ready to move to Playas in Ecuador any feedback please let us know. Thank you.

    • Hi CC, Thanks for your message. Yes, we are enjoying our time in Montevideo. I guess our most compelling reason for moving here was that we get itchy feet or my mother would say we are Gypsies. We married in 1974 and moved to Florida in 1976 we probably lived in 12 or 13 different homes until our move to Panama in 2006. Stayed there for 3 1/2 years and moved to Ecuador and lived their for over 7. We have decided this is how we travel. Joe dislikes flying and I dislike hotel rooms. So we pick a country and move. We don’t even visit before we move, we just sell everything and move. Everyday is a new adventure. For us that works, for others they need to be more stable (ha ha). We are not stable in that way. I loved our time in Playas, but in all honesty every place we have moved, we have found things that we loved, things that we dislike and things we down right could not wrap our brains around. All of our moves the loved/like overwhelming outweigh any negatives so we had a wonderful adventure. We do have several friends in Playas. If you need a short term place, a longer term rental or just want folks that you know before you get there let me know and I will give you some names and email addresses. These are great folks and would be happy to assist anyway they could. Be well, Nancy and Joe

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