Recycling Done a Different Way

We read about the horse and wagons that drove around the streets going from trash bin to trash bin. Some people felt it was a good idea while others felt these folks left garbage on the sidewalks and in the streets and that in itself outweighed any good their recycling did.

montevideo-2-2-4On our walks I have noticed a good amount of trash left outside of the bins, but I have not been here long enough to really comment on it.  Give me some time to look at both sides and I will get back to you.

There are many of these horse-drawn carts that ride down the street each day.  They collect as you can see from the cart above, cardboard, looks like a kitchen appliance maybe an oven, plastics etc. I would hope that the recycling of the items outweighs the mess left behind. What would you think if they did this is your town?

2 thoughts on “Recycling Done a Different Way

  1. You know we had a guy here in San Clemente who would ride around on a bicycle with the bin on the front to collect plastic bottles. He lived on the outskirts of town (by the salt ponds) and I used to tie large bags of coke bottles around my back and bring them directly to his house. He has been working construction lately and no longer collects the bottles, but it seemed like a good idea and a way to supplement some income.

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