Plaza Matriz, Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo

Another of our adventures took us to Plaza Matriz. You can see for yourself just how lovely this urban park is.

montevideo-2-1-24montevideo-2-1-12 montevideo-2-1-11

montevideo-2-1-23 montevideo-2-1-10Large leafed out trees surround this beautiful central fountain with benches just waiting for weary adventurers like Joe and I.  The park surrounded by buildings on all sides, shopping and restaurants on the bottom floors and probably a mix of apartment and offices above.   montevideo-2-1-8The Cathedral faces the park on one side.montevideo-2-1-6Several vendors even had tables set up with a mix of new items and used items for sale.  One table was filled with what looked to be antique silver from flatware to tea and coffee pots.montevideo-2-1-5The city has closed some of the streets leading into the park, allowing for pedestrian traffic to roam freely.

montevideo-2-1-9And a busker was playing music for our enjoyment.  And, how great for us, it was in English.  See video below.


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