Adolfo our Tank Water Man

Municipal water is not always running for us here in Barrio Norte. So when the cistern starts to get low we need to call our trusty water man Adolfo.  In the past I have had our neighbor Paola call on my behalf but the past several months I have become braver and have started to call myself.  Speaking to someone in childlike Spanish who is standing in front of you is much easier than trying to talk on the phone.  But Adolfo is a kind and gentle man and makes it very easy for me to communicate with him. He recognizes my voice now and with very little words says he will be here in one hour.  And guess what?  He is here in one hour.

IMG_2948FYI our cistern is several thousand gallons and a tank truck fills it up for $15.  This will last us about 15 days depending upon how much watering in the garden I do. Municipal water is much cheaper at .80 cents per meter of water but like I said it is not always running.



2 thoughts on “Adolfo our Tank Water Man

    • Deb,it is so true, if you tell folks to forgive you because you speak poor Spanish they actually try hard to help. That was my first lesson, say your sorry…try hard even if you are using the wrong words, folks here understand I am like a 4 year old when it comes to the language….

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