Wicked Waves

Joe took this video this morning,  We have had some big waves lately,


4 thoughts on “Wicked Waves

    • Hi Janet, no one so far, sad because it is a beautiful place, poor, most buildings not posh but good people, great weather, beautiful warm water and great food. Yesterday one of the fisherman said he had lobster, I jumped at it. $5 a pound for live spiny lobster. We had lobster three times in the past two days..Lobster Spaghetti was Joe’s favorite. We eat like Kings and Queens here, can’t beat the fresh veggies and fruits, the fresh seafood and everything I said above…We could not ask for more except to share it with family and friends. Thanks for following and thanks for your comment. Nancy

    • Hi Barbara, we sit at the end of our road every morning with our coffee and breakfast. That is where this was taken. The waves were much more calm this morning, but the fishermen still have their boats out on the road near our home. They said the high waves would be around for about 5 days…tomorrow we should be past it. Miss you, hope all is well with you both, Nancy

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