My New Kitchen Utensil Rack

Having utensil containers sitting on the kitchen counter was becoming a real pain. Not being able to find what I was looking for without pulling everything out and not having room near the stove where most were needed was only part of the problem. I had seen several great ideas on the internet. One was a great peg-board system that was placed inside a picture frame. But finding the materials was not so easy. So when Leigh and Rick bought this great wire for their screen porch, I made my plan to have my neighbor David make me something to hold all my spoons, spatulas, etc.

I made a drawing, gave David the wire mesh and showed him where it needed to go and Ta Da….

IMG_2125Because our breaker box is above our stove, David needed to make this rack into a door that would open as well as a rack to hold all my kitchen things.

IMG_2128I love it.

18 thoughts on “My New Kitchen Utensil Rack

  1. I love it too! Great idea. Peter is doing all the prep work prior to painting so we can sell our house. I am selling stuff. We are busily preparing to make the leap asap. I go from ecstatic to terrified several times a day. Today my wonderful LazyBoy leather recliner headed up the hill to someone’s truck and a beautiful antique trunk I have had since 1976 followed suit.

    • Barbara, All I can remember about moving out of our beautiful home outside of Atlanta was standing in the middle of our living room looking lost. Joe walks in and asked what I am doing. I just did not know where to start. Once I wrapped my brain around not being able to take anything with us it was easy. The hard part was getting my heart and my head together on not being able to take it with us. Once I got past that it was kind of freeing…in a strange way. 30 odd years of STUFF…things I really loved, things I had to give up. Leaving with 5 suitcases was in itself a very odd sensation. Good luck…I will be thinking of you and Peter during this time. Nancy

    • John and Mary, I needed to make room for the Cuisinart chopper I am interested in. ja ja David did a great job. I just love it, Nancy

    • David, thanks it is a great solution to not having drawers or cabinets yet…just another project to look forward to. ha ha

    • Hi Z, Hope you are feeling much better. It has really opened up room on my counter…now like I told Mary I am looking for a Cuisinart chopper to put there…ha ha Nancy

    • Hi Ana, When we get our cabinets and drawers this will still work great for over the stove but having to use the counters for everything causes everything to look and feel so cluttered, this really cleaned up the counter. Hope all is well with you and Steve…xxxooo Happy Mother’s Day a bit late…N

    • Hi Pat, I just love it…I am going to give David a photo so he can keep it with his other porjects. He did a great job and my house looks so much neater. Nancy

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