This Morning on the Beach in San Clemente, EC

It was a perfect morning, cool breeze, bright sun and a high tide with great splashing waves. A thermos of coffee, Joe’s tea and our breakfast of encebollado, what more could we ask for.  God has blessed us and continues to do so.

We have had some pretty hot days the past few months, so this was a spectacular start to our day.


14 thoughts on “This Morning on the Beach in San Clemente, EC

    • Hi Janet, Been doing other things and not keeping up with the blog. It has been a very hot summer, so sitting on the computer is one of the last things I do. But I am trying to get back to posting a few words and lots of pictures and videos. Thanks for following. Be well, Nancy and a hug from Joe

    • Libby, you are on the mend and will be out on the beach very soon. So happy you liked the video, it was very peaceful even with the crashing of the waves…Nancy

  1. Yes, I have also missed all your lovely posts!!!! Our weather here is a bit cooler than there and rain – we had two days where we had heavy rains and lightening and thunder! But I think I would prefer that to the hot sticky days that we had in Bahia! Take care and hope to see you soon!

    • Hi Deb, give our best to Ernie. It seems to have cooled down just a bit. Walking early morning I almost need a light jacket. But right now the sun is shining and the air is still cool. Love this time of year. It has been pretty hot and sticky here so this is a welcome change for us. May is the most beautiful month here and it is because the previous four months were pretty darn hot…be well, let us know when you are down on the coast. Nancy and Joe

  2. Ah, the comments confirm that you were missed! i like seeing the peruvian boobies in the header image as well. they seem to have finished their vacations in this area – hopefully that’s a good sign that the pre ‘el nino’ waters/currents are returning to normal…

    • Hi Lisa, I am happy to be back blogging. We still have the boobies, not as many but some are still around. That picture was from several months back. Thanks for your comment, be well, Nancy

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