Iguana Visit

Everyday we see something new either in our garden, on our walk around town or down by the beach. Yesterday was no exception. I was working in the kitchen when I heard some branches moving in the yard. I stepped out on the porch and found a new visitor in our lemon tree.

San Clemente 9.23.2014 013

San Clemente 9.23.2014 015He was not to thrilled to see me and took off soon after this picture was taken. But at least now I think I know where some of the missing fruit goes.

10 thoughts on “Iguana Visit

    • Lyndell, This is the first time we have seen any iguanas in San Clemente, but since they have cleared the yard next door we will probably be seeing more of him and his family..N PS Just as long as they leave me some fruit

    • Hi Janet, we are feeling well, THANK GOD!!! How are you doing? Please send an email when you have the time, we would love to hear from you. Nancy and Joe

  1. Don’t know how much you keep up on local things, but I was quite surprised to see Mike Piatak died. He was a good guy with a lot of smarts. So sad.

    • Hi Janet, my sister Debbie keeps me informed but we did not hear of Mike’s passing. Sad to hear about it and thanks for letting us know. Nancy

    • Mary and John, hopefully he will leave us a little guava, between the birds and the big black wasps we never seem to get an unblemished fruit…Nancy

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