San Clemente 9.20.2014 022Our trip to Manta for a few days was wonderful. Weather perfect, hotel very comfortable and of course our choice of restaurants perfect.

San Clemente 9.20.2014 002San Clemente 9.20.2014 003The above photos were taken at Las Velas on the malecon. The dish was swordfish with a beautiful cream sauce served with mushroom risotto. Excellent!

San Clemente 9.20.2014 016San Clemente 9.20.2014 018The next day we went to Restaurante Martinica. We were served Ceviche Jipajopa as an appetizer. I had the Corvina Encocoda, Joe had the Asian Salmon. We shared a bottle of an excellent wine – Salentein Reserve Malbec from Argentina. We also had a great chocolate and vanilla mousse for dessert.  We will be walking extra miles this week….

We also had dinner at Maido, a Japanese Restaurant where we enjoyed sushi rolls and vegetable tempura.  Sorry we were too busy eating to take any photos.

We did walk on the beach every morning and were surprised to see two different exercise classes.

San Clemente 9.20.2014 005

San Clemente 9.20.2014 004

San Clemente 9.20.2014 007We had a great time, did some shopping, a great deal of eating and some well deserved relaxing.

San Clemente 9.20.2014 010San Clemente 9.20.2014 009So Joe when are we going back?

13 thoughts on “Manta

    • Oh MY the sushi place was wonderful, well they all were great, we are already planning our next trip, ha ha But first I need to drop a few pounds just so I can eat everything I want, sinful I know!!!

  1. Looks like you guys had lots of fun!!!!!! Food looks delicious !! I think we need a trip to Manta for more than just a day trip shopping!!!!

    • Oh Deb, it was wonderful, we truly enjoyed the trip and we are already planning the next one…and you are right, one day is just not enough, 4 days and 3 nights was perfect and we ate everywhere we wanted to and got most of what I had for a shopping list…left something for the next trip he he

    • We stayed at the Hotel Oro Verde, it is a very nice place, we do not like the restaurant but everything else is top rate, nice rooms, clean, great staff, very friendly and the most of the front desk speaks English…We have stayed there several times and are already planning our next trip. You can walk from the hotel to all the restaurants on the malecon, the museum and even to the Super Maxi mall…the other restaurants were a short taxi ride of $2…just lovely….Nancy

    • Hi Deb, it was very nice, hotel is very comfortable, we now have a list of restaurants we visit. We walk on the beach each morning and sit by the pool in the afternoon…just perfect for us. Plus we get to shop for home items in a mall that is a very short walk from the hotel…we also had appointments with our cardiologist and got good reports. All in all a great get-away. N

  2. Sounds like great trip. If you haven’t been there try Trattoria de Garbriel in Montechristi ( a bus or taxi ride from Manta) next time.. Great Italian food, good house wine and definite ambiance. Recommended by a friend in Manta and been there at least 4 times between last and this year. We also enjoyed the places you ate and now have to add the Sushi place for future travels..

  3. They are open for lunch I think from 12:00 to 3:00 and then close until dinner which I don’t know when that starts ..good day outing from Manta….fun to shop in small stores in Montechristi as well (great hammocks, and other EC things)…and great Eloy Afaro museum …they have local taxis once you are in the town

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