Baby Ceibo Tree

San Clemente 9.20.2014 014I had never seen a baby ceibo tree until Eva took me to a restaurant in Manta a few weeks ago.  It was just so beautiful I needed to take a picture to share with you all. The big ceibos can be seen all over the landscape, now they look like they are in flower but it is the pods bursting with the white fluff.

San Clemente 12.31a.2013 001The pod on the left is ceibo, the branch on the right is cotton.


4 thoughts on “Baby Ceibo Tree

  1. I wondered about that when I saw then the other day it looks like cotton. I was wondering can they harvest it and use it like cotton or for something else. Thanks for share Nancy.

    • Hey Susan, what I was told is in the old days they use to harvest the pods and stuff mattresses and other things with it. I have the pod here when I visit you this week I will bring both the cotton and the ceibo fluff over for you to look at. N

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