Check out the Bingo Truck

While in San Jacinto yesterday we saw this truck. Looks like this Gran Bingo is happening in San Antonio de Chone.

San Clemente 9.13.2014 001I have only seen bingo played at the fire station to fundraise. This is being held on September 20th at 2pm at Pistas del club. There are some great prizes according to the sign – 80 in all. If you like bingo this sounds like a great one.

6 thoughts on “Check out the Bingo Truck

  1. In GYE I have seen street Bingo played as a source of income for the hosts as well as great prizes, usually food and household items. The host puts about 50 chairs out on the sidewalk and street and the neighbors all show up to play. My friend who lives next door say it is a weekly event.

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