Botanical Garden in Portoviejo

San Clemente 8.4.2014 080We made our first trip to the Botanical Gardens in Portoviejo. It was a peaceful place but we missed the plant sale area as it is only open on Fridays.

San Clemente 8.4.2014 079

San Clemente 8.4.2014 081

San Clemente 8.4.2014 082  San Clemente 8.4.2014 084 San Clemente 8.4.2014 086 San Clemente 8.4.2014 087 San Clemente 8.4.2014 090 San Clemente 8.4.2014 091 San Clemente 8.4.2014 092 San Clemente 8.4.2014 094 San Clemente 8.4.2014 095 San Clemente 8.4.2014 096 San Clemente 8.4.2014 097 San Clemente 8.4.2014 098 San Clemente 8.4.2014 100 San Clemente 8.4.2014 102 San Clemente 8.4.2014 103 San Clemente 8.4.2014 104 San Clemente 8.4.2014 105 San Clemente 8.4.2014 106There is a small snack bar area and many places to just sit and enjoy the views. We picked a perfect day that was a bit sunny but not humid. We’ll be back.

15 thoughts on “Botanical Garden in Portoviejo

  1. We have been there a couple of times – you need to go when the plant store is open – many really interesting plants and the prices are very very reasonable!!!! It is always a nice day walking through the gardens – so relaxing!! Glad you guys enjoyed it!!!

  2. That is a nice botanical garden. Love the bridges. Nice picture of Joe with the cat and love the last picture of both of you. You appear to be doing well.

  3. Beautiful… you guys look great. Last time we were there we were told the nursery was open from Monday thru Friday at 2:00. It could be a seasonal thing though. It is a great place to spend a day though.

    • Hi Lyndell, We were so disappointed and asked the guard as we were leaving and he said only Friday but from 8am. Things change all the time so maybe the next time we go on a Friday they will have changed the time again…You only know for sure once you show up. Nancy

    • Hi Tim, We thought the entrance fee was a dollar but they refused to take our money. Maybe we looked like very old people and they were not going to charge us. ja ja Nancy

        • Hi Tim, It is called a Sausage Tree, we saw them in Florida on the way from Miami to the west coast on Alligator Alley. We never heard of anyone eating the fruit but when I looked it up right now it seems that they use it as a medicine for several ailments. I have only seen that one tree in all my time in EC and Panama. Nancy

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