Recent Drownings in San Clemente

In the past several months three people have died in the waters around San Clemente. With the threat of El Niño weather this year I just wanted folks to understand the waters here can sometimes be more than you can handle.  Please use caution while swimming. The fishermen have warned people in the water a few times while we have been on the beach.

This is from El Diario May 27th, 2014

This is from El Diario April 28th, 2014

This is from El Diario March 24th, 2014

We have no regular lifeguards posted on our beach so again, please use caution.



4 thoughts on “Recent Drownings in San Clemente

  1. How very sad … such young lives just on the cusp of living their lives … but the Pacific coast is deceptive … so beautiful and regular most of the time that one can forget it is a powerful ocean. The Atlantic is wilder and keeps one aware and cautious, because it is always clear it can erupt into a maelstrom at any moment.

  2. Nan, I have been seeing the predictions for El Niño this year. Are you going to be in a danger zone for mudslides or flooding? The roads were a little precarious when we were there – I can just imagine what they would be like after flooding.

    • Liz, it is very likely that we will have some sort of problems. San Clemente at our end is pretty narrow, with the ocean only 4 houses from ours and the mountains only a short 2-3 blocks behind us. The problem will be getting out for supplies, I do have two cannisters of propane and 3 – 5 gal waters bottles. But that will not last long if we are blocked off from places like Portoviejo. We are praying that it does not affect us. We we wait and see.

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