Life in Cuenca Ecuador, by Joe Tana

We met Joe Tana almost four years ago when we were living in Salinas. Since that time he made a second vacation trip to Ecuador and last year moved permanently to Cuenca.  Here is a recent Facebook post that he did on his adventure this past year.
It was one year ago today that I boarded a plane with 6 suitcases and 3 pet carriers and started a new life in Cuenca, Ecuador via a 3 day layover in Quito where my Residency Visa and Cedula paper work was filed. It has been a very rewarding 1st year here in Cuenca. I have made many friends who have changed my life and also influenced it.
The first two people I met my first day in Ecuador. They were Missionaries Kenneth N Lisa Mizell Weaver , little did I know that one year later we would still be such great friends. You see Ken and Lisa also moved to Cuenca where they started their Baptist Church and to be honest not even did they think that the little Baptist church that they started in June of 2013 would grow to around 100 people and still growing in little over 10 months.
Than there has been my Friend Filippo Fraddanno who sells and makes Italian cheese, as he tells everybody THE BEST A CHEESES IN ALL OF ECUADOR. On Facebook: Filippo’s La Sorrentina Artisan Italian Cheese & Breads. To tell you the truth they are some of the finest cheese of South America. Besides Filippo there is his beautiful daughter Sara Fraddanno , and wife Cecilia.
Besides these people there has been Chelita Burbano and her husband Raul, Vanessa Mishelly, Rafa Villa and her mother Sonia, Juan Carlos the Chef and owner of Tiesto’s Restaurant . There have been many new people who have come into my life like my new friends who are also from the Jacksonville Fl. area Gary Pate and his wife Dena who are missionaries here working with the orphaned children of Ecuador.
I almost forgot to mention Nancy Kowalczyk Levin who I met on my first two exploratory trips to Ecuador. It was her that influenced me the most into making the move here. She had wonderful stories of the people of Ecuador and how good life would be for me if I just said I’m doing it and thanks to her I did just that.
I know on that day of April 28, 2013 that my family and friends thought that I was crazy for leaving my life in the USA behind me and moving to Ecuador. You know I thank God everyday that he gave me the courage to get on that plane with my dog and two cats and start my life over at 65. It has been a very rewarding First year here in Ecuador and I can say for the first time in many years I am truly Blessed and Happy. I can’t wait to see who comes into my life in year TWO.

3 thoughts on “Life in Cuenca Ecuador, by Joe Tana

  1. yes, it’s hard for our loved ones, at times, to understand our choices.. but destiny calls each of us in its own sweet way, and we look back later and understand how those pieces to the puzzle of life fit together and make sense!

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