Visiting Manta

For Mother’s day weekend Joe took me to the Hotel Oro Verde in Manta. It was our 40th Wedding Anniversary and he wanted to make it a special time for us both.  The hotel is very nice and we were upgraded to a Grand Suite that honestly was larger than our home here in Clemente. Much more than we needed or expected but having a second bathroom was a nice touch!

Manta 5.13.2014 (31) Manta 5.13.2014 (29) Manta 5.13.2014 (26)The staff was helpful and very hospitable, room was clean and well-appointed, a large balcony looked out on the pool area and the beach and dock.

Manta 5.13.2014 (7) Manta 5.13.2014 (8) Manta 5.13.2014 (14) Manta 5.13.2014 (18)The beach is wide and clean. Many folks were out early walking and enjoying the beautiful weather.Manta 5.13.2014 (19) Manta 5.13.2014 (23)There was a Oceania Cruise ship in port the day we arrived. It was a very impressive site.Manta 5.13.2014 (25) Manta 5.13.2014 (36)We visited the local museum located about a block from our hotel, where a beautiful young women named Evelyn spend over three hours giving us a personal tour of the facility and their antiquities as well as one floor dedicated to Ecuadorian contemporary art. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for her job was contagious. We are hopeful to find other museums that can help us understand more of this country’s history.Manta 5.13.2014 (37) Manta 5.13.2014 (39) Manta 5.13.2014 (40) Manta 5.13.2014 (42) Manta 5.13.2014 (44) Manta 5.13.2014 (46) Manta 5.13.2014 (47) Manta 5.13.2014 (51) Manta 5.13.2014 (62)One of the nicest things we did was walk the beach each morning and then go back to the coffee shop in the hotel for a cappuccino and pastry.  The Oro Verde is known for its pastries and this shop was smaller with fewer selections than the one in Guayaquil but we were still able to find something that suited us.Manta 5.13.2014 (65) Manta 5.13.2014 (66) Manta 5.13.2014 (70) Manta 5.13.2014 (75)We truly liked Manta, the area around the hotel was comfortable, we walked to the museum, the one shopping mall and the beach and malecon area several times. The food at the malecon restaurants was excellent with the freshest seafood and great service.  We even got to go for sushi, the tempura was marvelous although the sushi was not something we would order again.

Our trip to Manta was excellent and we would go back again.


16 thoughts on “Visiting Manta

    • Hi Deb, thanks so much. We did have a very nice time. Great to take a vacation from our permanent vacation ha ha You and Tony need to make plans to come and visit. This time of year it is just beautiful, quiet, not many tourist, cooler nights for good sleeping, the beach is beautiful. I took my coffee and chair and sat for “surf therapy” again this morning, what a beautiful breeze off the water. perfect!!! Hope spring is in the air and all is well with you and the family, love N PS the girls are getting so big!!!

  1. Looks really nice! We are going to celebrate our 40th in a couple of weeks and had thought about d’Oro Verde as well! What a coincidence. hadn’t thought about the surrounding area and museum so thanks for the hints if we do that. if you haven’t been to the museum in Bahia, we had a great tour there and enjoyed it very much! Happy Anniversary!

    • Happy Anniversary Mary, thanks for the info on the museum in Bahia. Our friend Eva has told us about it and we really need to get up there and take a look. The Oro Verde was very nice, I would not eat at the restaurant again, expensive and the food was not that special. Enjoy whatever you end up doing, N

  2. Looks like you both had a great weekend!!! Glad to see that you took some time away for a few days to unwind and relax and enjoy your Anniversary and also Mother’s Day! All the best to you both – hope to see you soon!

    • John and Mary, it was fun. We are already planning another trip but maybe to a higher elevation in August or September we will see. Nancy

    • Hi TJ, a vacation from our permenant vacation ja ja We have never spent any time in Manta, just day trips for shopping or banking so it was nice to spend a few days. The beach behind the hotel is great, many restaurants with great seafood dishes, a huge beach with clean sand and so many people walking in the mornings…it was a good trip…Nancy

  3. I often wonder about that hotel also. We go to shop, bank and the food near the beach area is great as you said. We will have to think of something for next month on the 18 it will be our 20 th Anniversary.

  4. Hi, I have a question. I’m new to your blog. I am a long time reader of Retired and Rewired blog. My question is that do you find Ecuador as calm as you would find it back here in the US? I was reading the State department travel warnings of Ecuador and sure makes it sound like it’s not a calm place to be. Your blog shows otherwise. Nice pictures 🙂

    • hi Rod, Well I guess it really depends where you live in the states compared to where you live in Ecuador. We lived on the East Coast in Florida for about 20 years and the last 10 or 12 outside of Atlanta, GA,,,,we felt safe and were very comfortable with our home and home town. They did have a mandatory gun mandate on the books that each household in Kennesaw had to have the head of household own a gun…our town had about a 10% lower crime rate than other areas….Here we picked a very small town, mostly just a handful of different families and I would say we feel safer but we also take precautions, our home has bars on the windows, we are going to increase the height of the wall around our property and add a porton to our front door….we take crime seriously but have seen and heard of very little, thank you Lord… honestly depends upon where you live, what you lifestyle is, if you like to drink it up and will be coming out of night clubs late at night with a good amount of drink in you I would say your chances would be pretty good to get robbed,,,if you tone down your look, what jewelry you wear, the number of cameras you have around your neck etc and try to act like a local even though you may have blond hair and bright blue eyes you will probably be okay…getting to know your neighbors, the locals will be very helpful, if you need help they are always willing to assist. It is one of the best places we have lived and we are happy with our choice. The people take care of their own, if you plan on making trouble of any type here, you may find yourself swimming out instead of taking a car or bus…The fisherman in our area are always on the watch for strangers, strangers that are here for no good, my neighbors will tell me when the mattress vendors are trying to rip the neighbors off with used mattresses with just new covers added, they will not put up with thief of any type….so where ever you visit, make friends, ask about crime, be on your guard and tone down your look….most is common sense so go with your gut,,,,I hope that helps, Nancy

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