Escargo Still Crawling

Joe and I headed out the other morning for our walk and ran right into this huge snail. It was as big as my hand and was making its way across the street.

San Clemente 2.19.2014 022When we got back he was long gone. Of course it was a long walk.

10 thoughts on “Escargo Still Crawling

  1. Nan, when we lived in Montanita for four months and walked our dogs at night these critters would come out in force and we could not help but step on them and hear their crunch under our feet. We had flashlights but there were hundreds of them. Wow glad we don’t live there anymore.

    • During the rainy season we see many different critters and hear many things in the night, happy that the rainy season only last a few months…between the crickets, scarab beetles, centipedes, snails, snakes, frogs etc etc we get our fill of these critters…we are ready for the dry when it comes, ja ja

      • Yes it did rain a lot when we lived there. In fact there were frogs that sounded like a child that croaked what sounded like “rain” “rain. We kept looking for a lost child under our house with flashlights it sounded so much like a child. The lady we were renting from told us it as gross that come out when it rained? It was funny, we had a a good laugh next time we heard them.

  2. Dear Nan, Thank you for your great blog.
    We actually live in Cuenca and would like to move to the Costa (warmer) this year.
    We plan to travel in May from Salinas up the Costa.

    • Prin, thanks for following the blog. We have many friends living in Cuenca but Joe and I have not made the trip there to visit, I guess we should do that soon. I hope you enjoy your trip to Salinas and that you find the right spot for you to settle.

      Today was the first day all season when it actually rained during daylight hours, now I don’t need to water my plants, that makes me pretty darn happy. I love the diversity of Ecuador, if you like the mountains and cooler weather we have that, if you would enjoy the beach and a bit more sun we have that as well. Hope you find what you are looking for, Nancy

  3. I’m new to your wonderful blog. Great job, Nan. Found your frog watch fun and your snail pix lead me to think, since you are a good cook, you should go into French cuisine cooking. Frog legs are wonderful and escargot fantastic cooked in butter, white wine, tarragon and garlic. In frying pan, place l to 2 cups white wine, butter, tarragon and freshly chopped garlic. Bring to boil to marry all flavors. Add the cleaned frog legs or escargo. Enjoy with French Bread to enjoy the flavors of the juice. Served with cooked rice, a green tossed salad and you have a chef’s choice meal. bon appetite!!

    • Thanks Pat, Not sure you will ever see me gigging for frogs or hunting snails, I’m retired, ha ha But the recipe sounds great. Thanks for following the blog, Be well, Nancy

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