AH 1 N1 Virus – Coming To a Country Near You

While Joe and I were sitting at the bank in Portoviejo on Friday we saw an article about the growing number of deaths attributed to AH 1 N1 (swine flu virus) in some Central and South American countries.

As of Friday, Officials had confirmed six deaths so far in Ecuador and believe that one local death may have been from the virus spread through a local Catholic Church. The Church has changed their procedure in giving communion and even with shaking hands so as not to spread this disease further.  It has hit Columbia, Peru, Costa Rica and now Ecuador. Peru is cancelling some of their Festivals and some other areas of Ecuador are requiring face masks to enter health facilities.



An Update: From Today’s Portoviejo Newspaper, El Diario: On Monday afternoon, the website of the Ministry of Health (MOH) reported that, until Monday July 29, there have been 137 hit by the H1N1 flu virus, “of which 11 died.” As reported by the newspaper El Universo, the deaths are in seven provinces in the country: Pichincha, Tungurahua, Azuay, Manabi, Napo and Pastaza Rivers. One death is in Portoviejo, near us and another in Guayaquil to the south. In some of the areas, notably around Quito, visits to hospitals is being restricted and face masks are being worn.

12 thoughts on “AH 1 N1 Virus – Coming To a Country Near You

    • Hi Karen, thanks for the article but I noticed it is a bit old from 2009…I pray that this does not spread. Joe and I had our flu shots back in November. We need to take a trip to Guayaquil and have decided to use a driver instead of taking a bus…too many folks that are coughing and that do not cover their mouths…Hard to wear a mask all the time but we may end up doing that while walking in the mall next week. Nancy

      • I apogize for not noticing the date. Still scary. Even scarier is the lack of attention to the MERS corona virus. I was speaking with my Dr about it recently. There is no vaccine, it originated in the Middle East and has a 50% fatality rate. The big concern is the Muslim holidays when people from all around the world make a pilmagrage to Mecca. This virus is similar to SARS and thought to be connected to bats.
        I hope my Drs concern is unwarranted but you never know. There’s a link to it on the CDC page.

    • Hi Z, well I guess you need to wear a mask…not very attractive, really makes people pay attention to you when you would rather just blend in. We are going to Guayaquil this week and are having a driver take us…too much coughing on the buses and this is a sure way to get the flu. Joe and I did get our flu shots in November hope they work…be well, Nancy

    • Hi Joe, they sure do.. Salud in each town had a supply of the vaccine back in November. Joe and I got our shots on the last day because I did not find out about it until very late. We just walk in, they took a little info off our cedulas and gave us the shot, no charge and we were on our way in less than 10 minutes. Nancy

  1. Did you get a flu vaccination in Portoviejo? Do you know if and where they are doing that since this is a concern to those in Ecuador? Just curious….

    • Hi Eileen, We got our shots right here in San Clemente back in November. They were free to anyone who wanted one. I did do a blog article but it was late just a few days before they stopped giving the shots. I will add this to my list of blog articles for next year to be sure everyone can get theirs. Nancy

        • Eileen, I have already started my Flu Shot post for next October…If I don’t open it and leave it in drafts I will forget to put it in the blog… the mind is going!!! Nancy

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