A Beautiful Friday Afternoon with Friends

On Friday mid-morning our friend Nancy from Playas came to visit with a new friend. Leslie is making a tour of the north coast looking for that perfect retirement spot.  We talked for a long while before we decided to go to Viviana’s for lunch and more chatting.

San Clemente 7.20.2013 001Friday was very overcast and the wind coming off the ocean was a bit cool – but it was still very nice as we sat and had a great lunch of seafood while sharing a few Pilseners. And an Inca cola or two.

San Clemente 7.20.2013 002I hope that the balance of their coast trip goes well and that Leslie finds exactly what she is looking for as a retirement home.

San Clemente 7.20.2013 003Buenos viajes!

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Friday Afternoon with Friends

    • Z, that is so funny Leslie said the same thing. I love it, I like the strawberry flavored one better but I prefer Inca Kola to Coke these days, not sure why…maybe just different…N

  1. Nancy….got a question. May finally get to visit Ecuador next May/June. What is the weather like then? Thank you so much for your lovely blog updates?

    • Hi Bev, well May should be the end of our hot season, it can extend into June with a bit of rain and some very hot days but what we have seen for the past two years is that the weather is cooler, less rain and nowhere near as hot as it would be lets say in February or March…Right now we are not getting a great deal of sun during the day, it is not cold, but it is cool, very nice sleeping weather for us. Right now it is almost 8:30am we have no sun and it looks like it is 6am instead of so much later. The coast is not sunny during this part of the year. Some folks find it gloomy, but it is not for weeks at a time it will be overcast for several days and then you will have a nice sunny day…of course that is from only two years experience so next year who knows what will happen…Nancy

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