Festival Season Begins in the San Clemente Area

There was a seafood festival this weekend in San Alejo, the next town. During the day many different seafood specialties were available and in the evening there was a fiesta with dancing. We were awakened this morning around 4am to the sounds of music and singing flowing into our home. This continues as I write this with several men hanging around a running pickup truck out in the street right at the corner of our home. It is now after 7am, the sun is up and the party continues.

San Clemente 7.21.2013 006Don’t get me wrong, Joe and I love Vicente Fernandez – his music is wonderful, We love all the festivals that will be happening in this area over the next few months.  But I am just not sure we will ever get used to having music playing outside our bedroom windows for a good part of the night. This is our adopted home and we are adapting to the cultural differences, Honestly I had several hours of sleep prior to their arrival and considered joining in the fun, OH SORRY this looked to be an all male activity, Oh well.

The truck drove away at 8am leaving just the chickens announcing the beginning of the day. And it is a good day.

7 thoughts on “Festival Season Begins in the San Clemente Area

  1. Nancy, You have a great ability to adapt. I love reading your posts. The festivals sound good to me. A bit of lost sleep once-in-a-while is a good thing. I will be moving to Ecuador on the 13th of August and we would like you to come to Cuenca for a visit. I need to know what size jars you would like and we will put them in our shipment. Always, Doug & Jac

    • Hola Doug and Jac, so happy to hear from you again. Would love to visit you both but I just do not think that Joe will be able to visit Cuenca. We have not visited so far becuase of the elevation..so even thought I would love to visit with you and see you both again I just think it would be un-healthy for Joe. We have many friends that we have made who currently live there and have been invited to visit and we have decline due to the altitude. Thanks for thinking of me with the jars but unless you can put get them to Servientrada for them to be deliver to San Clemente I would have to pass. Thanks again for your kindness. Have a very safe trip. Nancy & Joe

  2. Same here in in Los Arnales – Los Ranchos – Very large fiesta – bands, dancing, vendors – the bus had to detour around to get to Crucita – We also heard music about three a.m. – however I luckily went back to sleep as the music was far enough away not to be too loud.

    • Hi Audrey, Sometimes we can hear music and a party in the area and that makes it part of the beauty of living here, it is alive, young people enjoying themselves. We stop what we are doing, go sit on the porch and enjoy some new music. Hard to do that at 4am without having an attitude, so we close the shutters on the windows and try to get back to sleep…again all part of the adventure of living here. I really want to make these little things that could become annoyances part of the adventure and let it roll over me…ha ha Nancy

  3. in costa rica i once walked a few lots over to ‘glare’ at my neighbors/friends who were partying much later than the midnight hour! i said nothing, just looked at them then returned home. they toned down the music, thank goodness. the next day they apologized – i wasn’t angry, but enough was enough! there have been other times when the karaoke was so horrid – usually an english song – that with a smile, i would get up,get dressed and go down to see who in the world was so uninhibited that they didn’t care how horrid they sounded! i would usually have a beer and go home!

    as long as it’s not every weekend, i can tolerate it, but yes, it’s nice to be able to get a good night’s sleep!

    • Z, I really don’t see my neighbors as being receptive to a “glare” ha ha…I must say that all the other neighbors are kind and considerate. We try to be good neighbors, our idea of good neighbors is very different from other peoples idea…enough said. Have a wonderful week. Nancy

      • good morning! yes, i know what you mean, and when writing that, i really couldn’t find the right word for my body english that night! there wasn’t anger of disgust, but it was time that i made my point! the guy was my friend, so i knew he’s understand!

        hopefully the party weekend is behind you now, and you can get some uninterrupted sleep!

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