Problems with Email Address

Sorry all, been working on a solution for my email problem with Hotmail. I have opened a new email account for the blog and the address is

We are in the process of moving over all our contacts and the actual emails so that I can keep in contact with all those who have corresponded with me.

For those of you who have sent me ideas for the wall for the back of our property, I will be back in touch later on next week.  I did get a very interesting idea from our friend Keith Daniels from Panama. I will get his permission to pass his ideas on to all of you to see what you think.  Very interesting indeed!

Forgive the lack of posts, I will be back at it early next week.


8 thoughts on “Problems with Email Address

    • HI David, Joe said the same thing. One day I went to open my Hotmail account and it started to ask me all these questions, then it locked me out and said I would not be able to open the account for 30 days…NOT HAPPY..Joe (my main man and computer guru was able to open it and get all my contacts but….he has not been able to transfer my old emails.., hopefully in the next few days he will figure it out). I hope to start to post to the blog this week and get back to all the folks that have given me suggestions for the privacy wall behind the house…I did get a great suggestion from my friend Keith from Dolega, Panama and want his permission to reprint to my blog…it is a beauty…thanks for you comment, Nancy

    • Hola Z, Life got in my way again, I have about 10 posts in the half finished stage but just can’t seem to get motivated to finish up and post…We have a worker here this week fixing some painting issues that were just done last year. Love spending good money twice…ha ha Thanks for checking up on me…will be back at is soon. N

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