Susan and Jimmy in Paradise

We met Susan and Jimmy Dufrene many months back when Susan started following the blog. We continued our email conversations until a few weeks ago with they arrived here in Ecuador for an extended vacation. Yesterday finally we were able to get together for lunch at our home. It was great getting to know these lovely folks a little better.

San Clemente 6.9.2013 006

We talked for hours, had a nice lunch, a few cervezas and some wine before heading out to the garden to get away from the sun that eventually hits our porch.  What nice folks. I think Ecuador and especially San Clemente has a special place in their hearts and we will see them return again and again to enjoy part of their retirement in paradise.


8 thoughts on “Susan and Jimmy in Paradise

  1. You are always so gracious to visitors. I hope one day I will be able to visit you in person
    also. I have been following you blog and notice you have lived in several communities.
    You seem to have found your Eden in San Clemente. Do you still look forward to merchants coming to your gate? Would you care to compare, from your standpoint, the reasons you left the other areas? Although I was initially drawn to Salinas, the idea of living in a mostly empty building in off season is a little off putting. I find the small town heartbeat of San Clemente more intriguing but confess to some concern re Mosquitos inside. Sorry, as usual I am babbling. Most important thing is to say Thank You for this wonderful blog. I feel as if I were there. 🙂

    • Hi Karen, Thanks so much for that wonderful complement…but I must tell you that these wonderful visitors, including Susan and Jimmy filled their suitcases with things like brown and yellow mustard seeds that opened in their luggage and were rolling around in their clothes, they brought spring roll wraps, tapioca, Sure Jel and several boxes of Good and Plenty…I am just paying back in a very small way there kindness in shopping and carrying half way across the globe things that I miss, things that I cannot get here. I hope that a small meal and conversation is payback enough for their kindness…and it is not just Susan and Jimmy everyone that has come to visit us comes bearing gifts…it is a blessing knowing all of you wonderful people that go out of your way first to follow our little lives and second for your kindness to us. I hope the blog in some small way pays back for those kindnesses. I know that Joe and I have met some outstandingly wonderful people because of it. Be well, Nancy

  2. We had a great time at your lovely place and yes we will be returning to paradise! Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon!!

  3. I will come one day. Right now I am dealing with my husbands illness. He is in end stage liver disease. Before I come, I will check with you and bring a goody bag. Meanwhile, I escape from pressures and stress of day to day life by reading your blog and a few others. Thank you all.

    • Good Morning Karen, I am sorry to hear of your husbands illness. Happy that you find some relief from your stress by following the blogs of folks who have made the move here. I wish you both well, Nancy

  4. How can I get on your blog? I am interested in moving to Ecuador (eventually). I am 63-year-old single woman.




    • Hi Pat, to subscribe to the blog, scroll down the page and you will see on the left hand side a place to subscribe. Add your email address and submit, you may get a notification asking you to confirm your subscription in your email. Then every time I do a post you will be notified at your email address and you can either read the article there or go into the blog. I hope that helps. thanks for reading. Nancy

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