A Few Unexpected Visitors

Baby doves have made a home on our fence for the past week. They have been fighting off cats that come around but have no problem flying away when danger approaches. They were very calm around both Joe and I not seeming to mind us at all when we were out working in the yard.

San Clemente 5.29.2013 043

They only stayed around for about a week and have moved on. Buenas Suerte amigos!

San Clemente 5.29.2013 041

Just so cute.

5 thoughts on “A Few Unexpected Visitors

    • Hi T, we are making this our home. Things are good, thanks for noticing our happiness. Be well, take care, sending our love. Nancy

    • Hi Z, I can’t take credit for the photos as Joe took those..sad that they have moved on but happy they have stopped messing up my white walls ha ha N

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