The Heaven That is a Magnum Ice Cream Bar

Oh if you have not had a Magnum Ice Cream Bar you are in for a treat. Joe and I just love the chocolate ice cream with chocolate & almond coating but we would be happy with the vanilla ice cream one as well. They do have a new Gold Magnum but unfortunately neither Joe or I like it as much.

Sorry we bought these on our way home from Viviana’s and the actual ice cream bar was eaten well before we made it to the house.

San Clemente 6.3.2013 003

There are several ice cream companies in Ecuador, Pinguino, Gino’s and Topsy are the three we are familiar with. We like most of what they all sell, the big exception is the Gold Magnum, actually I don’t get it. What is it??? It is supposed to be caramel, but falls way short. I think what I like least about it is that when we bought them it meant giving up the chocolaty almond goodness that is our regular Magnum.  And at $1.30 now although relatively expensive as things go here, it’s a real culinary bargain! We usually buy them just down the street from our house, and usually on our way home. We sit on the little bench in front of the store watching the traffic go by (mostly foot traffic, occasional bike or motorcycle or cuadron, and less often an actual car or truck……).It’s a tough life, but someone has to live it.


8 thoughts on “The Heaven That is a Magnum Ice Cream Bar

  1. I hear ya sister! I have loved these for many years in South American countries. They really are fantastic. If you want to save $0.30, the Majestic version is very good, but a different brand. These are really as yummy as you describe here. Love em! Thanks for the reminder I dont have one right now! haha.

    • Hi David, do you know is the Majestic Topsy or Gino’s? There is a lady who has an ice cream freezer right around the corner from our house. I think it’s Gino’s ice cream. We stopped there one day and bought $5 worth of popsicles and put them in the freezer..It was fun tasting all the different varieties some as cheap as .15 most in the .25 to .50 area. Great for a quick snack…but not too often ha ha Nancy

    • Hey Mary, I hear you loud and clean. I also preferred the vanilla ice cream until they only had chocolate and the double chocolate hit with almonds, wow!!! Just can’t beat it. I have not seen you for ages you need to come out riding with John more often, I will hold the dogs back, those little beasty’s get a bit crazy some times, well most of the time ha ha Actually I need to come over to visit Susan and Jimmy one day very soon, just can’t believe time just fly’s by I can’t seem to get anything out of the ordinary accomplished…Have you planted your dill? I only have 3 plants that have grown and I fear that I did not plant them in the best spot as the one bougainvillea has started to shade them…When they are ready to harvest I will bring you some fresh…Nancy

      • No dill planting yet, I am SO behind on my to do list, this week finishing up stuff at Jan’s house, she’ll be back a week from Wednesday.
        My backs been bothering me a bit so haven’t been riding as much so been doing some crafty stuff instead, but sitting too much is not a good thing either.
        Thanks, I’ll accept the dill :), still have a bit that I dried but soon will be out .
        Will stop for a visit soon amiga, want to see your fantastic yard (garden) in person. siempre

        • Mary, You are always welcome, dill will be ready to pick soon and I will share. This rain has been wonderful, no watering that makes me happy. I need more room for more garden stuff….UGH Nancy

  2. I had one the vanilla and chocolate with the almond the other day and it was heavenly, but I want a chocolate filled one!! In the states this would be about 2.00.

    • Hi Susan, How are you and Jimmy doing in your new digs? Sorry have not been around to visit, I promise this week for sure. Have you finalized your beach vow renewal plans??? Please let me know. Today again off and running, I will call you tomorrow to set up a time to visit or lunch, Nancy

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