Happy Mother’s Day

Hope your Mother’s Day is filled with love, joy and peace. Below I am sharing some flowers from my garden with you. Make it a beautiful day, it is in your hands to be happy today and every day.  With much love, Nancy

San Clemente 5.12.2013 013 San Clemente 5.12.2013 017 San Clemente 5.12.2013 014 San Clemente 5.12.2013 016 San Clemente 5.12.2013 015 San Clemente 5.12.2013 012 San Clemente 5.12.2013 011 San Clemente 5.12.2013 010 San Clemente 5.12.2013 009 San Clemente 5.12.2013 008


16 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. the flowers are lovely! i especially love the pomegranate; the deep-orange flowers and dense green foliage are always so dramatic. as for the basil, i am now ready to slice some tomatoes and have a fresh salad!

    thinking of you today.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! You are so good with plants, you always have been, they are absolutely beautiful. Happy Anniversary as well, can’t believe is been 39 years, we have known each other for 33 years…doesn’t seem that long does it?

    • Thanks to all of our friends that have sent best wishes, you fill our lives with joy just knowing you. Ana I can’t believe it 33 years we were just girls when we met. Bless you, Nancy & Joe

  3. The flowers are beautiful. I have been noticing all the wonderful roses and wild flowers blooming every where this year. Among all the choas in this world I have found beauty around us. Happy Anniversary to the two of you!! Happy Mother’s Day!!

    • Hi Karen, So happy that you take time to smell the roses, we all need to do that, thanks for the well wishes, Nancy

  4. How pretty! I took great pleasure in sending flowers to my daughter this mother’s day, her First mother’s day! 😀 BTW, happy anniversary to you both also. I loved the photos, even the silly ones because you look so happy in all of them. And, thanks for all the social security info too, and all your good posts. I’m awfully behind so just now catching up on everything. It’s good to know all is well with you 🙂

    • Hi Kris, thanks, hope your day is perfect. It is sprinkling a very little bit this morning, the roads are damp and my driveway and walkway are pretty wet. My plants are partying, rain water is the best for the plants and it rained all night long on Sunday night but a very slow easy rain that the earth just absorbed like a sponge. I fertilized all my plants last week so they are just too happy for all the rain. Glad the posts are helping. I did find out that the 7162 form for Social Security can be forwarded by email with a copy of your passport directly to the consulate in Ecuador and they will forward on to SS, I asked about the IRS forms and they do not help with any IRS issues FYI… Be well, Nancy

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