A Tale of Unhealthy Bread Pans

Our local pan man has moved away from San Clemente leaving us breadless. Not that we eat bread every day but it was just so convenient to stop him as he bicycled by our house each morning at around 7am and buy several rolls for the day. Well without him I have started to bake my own bread again. So on Sunday evening I made the dough for my 5-Minute Artisan Bread Recipes (see earlier post by the same name for recipe) and early on Monday morning I got them ready for the oven before I left for my walk. I baked them and was so disappointed when I removed them from my loaf pans and saw that the coating on the pans came off on the bread.

San Clemente 4.9.2013 001

I was so upset, what the heck happened???? Then I got angry, this could not be happening, these are the best loaf pans I could find and I am livid…first we will probably die from eating this coating, but friend Bethany said just cut it off and use the bread that was still good. I made mini-French toast this morning and Joe and I have not keeled over yet so her suggestion was a good one.

NOW where am I going to find good loaf pans that won’t do this. Until I can get new ones I am going to line these with parchment paper for everything that I bake from now on…

And by the way a new bread delivery has already started. Almost the same as with Jesus, a young man named Luis has started to deliver each morning a little before 7am. Life is good. And his rolls are a bit bigger and fluffier. So we have a new pan man, or should I say pan joven.


9 thoughts on “A Tale of Unhealthy Bread Pans

  1. Pan joven – Fun play on words…and in Spanish no less. I thought until you told the entire story that you were going to tell us you were going to be the pan woman…maybe after you find the perfect pans for the future.

  2. Someone brought me a very nice nonstick grill/griddle to use on the stove top. Within a month of being ‘at the beach,’ it began to lose its coating as well. I had used it once or twice, and like you, I was all but ill to have lost it. I assumed that the salt air contributed to the problem.

    Everyone must be happy to have a new bread man! I certainly enjoy buying just-baked goodies when I am in town!

    • Hi Z, I have seen what seems to be a cast iron griddle in Todo Hogar, I have a cast iron frying pan that is unbelievable not really great for things like eggs over easy. Even though it is well seasoned some things still stick and a non-stick pan works so much better for pancakes and eggs. Everything else I use the cast iron and it works great, if I get the cast iron griddle I will let you know how it works..the one good thing it will last a lifetime if you treat it correctly. I almost dropped over when this young man came by delivering rolls. Also, he is not shy and this morning in my lousy Spanish I sent him to two different friends, hopefully in the next day or so he will find them and that will make them happy as well. Nancy

  3. Estimada Nancy: Acabo de convertirme en una ‘follower’ tuya. Lo he hecho por varias razones, la principal, soy de Quito pero conozco San Clemente por 20 años, me casé hace 10 años con un maravilloso hombre de San Clemente. Tenemos una casa cerca de Palmazul. Estuve leyendo muchas cosas de tu blog, me he divertido y he reflexionado mucho también. Espero que tu vida en nuestro adorado pueblito de San Clemente siga bien y feliz. No sé si ya hallaste solución para encontrar el ‘baking soda’ es cierto que lo llamamos bicarbonato de sodio, y antes era muy fácil hallarlo pero ahora ya no…. Sin embargo, si vas a cualquier supermercado grande y lo pides como Royal o ‘polvo de hornear Royal’, seguro te lo venderán. Bueno, te envío mis saludos cariñosos.

    • Hola Esthela,
      Muchas gracias por escribirme. Nos encanta la hermosa ciudad de San Clemente. Vivimos en la calle con David y Hellana y Pilly y Paola Zambrano. Es un buen barrio. Muy buena gente. Son muy amables con nosotros. Me encantaría conocerte. Mi español no es muy bueno pero yo trate de comunicarse. Gracias a mi nuevo amigo. Nancy

  4. Nancy ask the pan man/boy where his family buys the pans that they use to bake their breads and rolls…I’m sure they have used these pans for years but he might be able to steer you to a place to buy pans that don’t flake away while baking

    • Hi Sister Dear, they probably use those big aluminum pans that I have seen when Jesus was our Pan Man…great for a big oven but…my oven is a mini oven I am afraid to say. It does have two racks which is totally unusual for Ecuador most only have one and it is only 24″ wide so the interior space is much smaller…getting pans that fit is a challenge to say the least. We are going to put in a covered patio in a section of our yard and put an entire second kitchen outside but the oven I am purchasing will be a small commercial oven that will reach high temperatures for pizza and low temperatures so I can dehydrate fruits and veggies…mine says the lowest temp is 270f and highest is 480f that is so far from the truth I laugh. I did have a friend bring me an oven temperature gauge and it has never gotten up to 375f so making pizza is a long process and the crust is just not crispy enough for me….
      Thanks for reading about our life here, hope that one day you and Tony would decide to make a trip to visit…I know it is hard with the grandbabies but one can still hope!!! xxxooo N

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