Sonia Builds Her House

Early this week our neighbor at the tienda Sonia was walking up and down our street going to the vacant lot at the beginning of our street. While we were out on Tuesday she told us she is building a house on that lot right next door to her sister Gina’s home.

San Clemente 4.12.2013 001 (2)

By late that afternoon they had it lined out and they had started painting the tin roof panels.

San Clemente 4.12.2013 003 San Clemente 4.12.2013 002

This morning after just one more day, they have the wood support beans in place. When I spoke with Sonia she said the place would be completed in two months.

San Clemente 4.12.2013 005 San Clemente 4.12.2013 004

Very excited to see Sonia have her own home. I’ll follow up and show you how it’s coming along.

San Clemente 4.12.2013 001


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