Highway Update – Video Posted on YouTube

This video was made by our friends living in San Clemente Eva and Freddi Thiel’s daughter Margarita who is the interviewer and Osca Maceda who is the videographer.  It is in Spanish but the general idea is the negative impact the highway would have on San Clemente.

This was to be played on Ecuador TV as well as a copy given to President Correa with a petition with hundreds of signatures against the construction of a highway on our beach. Eva has said that her last meeting with the powers that be on this construction project have decided to use the existing road through San Jacinto, San Alejo and San Clemente instead of putting a highway on the beach. More updates as I get the information.


4 thoughts on “Highway Update – Video Posted on YouTube

  1. Where would the highway start and end? Is this an extension to the Ruta del Sol or more like a Malecon as you see in Salinas?

    • Hi MamaNic, the highway that is planned starts in Manta and goes to Bahia. The last update I had gotten is there will be a bridge over the Boca which is the Portoviejo River that is the beginning of San Jacinto, then the current road will be repaved running from San Jacinto to the end of San Clemente. San Jacinto’s road runs right on the water until you reach San Clemente downtown where the main road goes inland about a block off of the water. At this time the plans have not been finalized on how the road will make it to Bahia from the end of San Clemente. The original plans were for an elevated highway on the beach…to say that most folks here were not happy with that idea is an understatement. Nancy

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