Taking a Hammock Nap

I guess I need to hide our camera when Joe is around he continues to take candid pictures of me while I am going about my yard work or even taking a quick nap in the hammock.

San Clemente 4.4.2013 010I know it looks like I am being eaten by this little plant but it is just another layer of shade that we love on our porch. We are going to see if we can find some bamboo shades to keep the late afternoon sun off of our porch soon we will be able to sit on the porch without having to worry.

14 thoughts on “Taking a Hammock Nap

  1. I love seeing a blogpost titled “Taking a hammock nap”. Sounds perfect. And, you need to make sure the hammock doesnt blow away. Multitasking, from my point of view! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Mary, I actually did not look like a wash women in this photo, most of the ones in the yard I have dirt up my arms, my hair is a mess…so they will never make it to print ha ha

  2. Thanks for writing your feelings about negative posting . I concur and get that same uncomfortable feeling when reading posts like those you describe. But today you have the right idea…all I’d need would be a book in that hammock…and the picture is a perfect reminder of the reason people move to Ecuador . For a bit of peace! Eileen Sadler

    • Hi Eileen, what you could not see was my Kindle in my lap, relaxation is the most important part of our day. I try to do all my work, cooking, cleaning, laundry etc early in the morning then we have the afternoon to read, listen to music and be outside. Nancy

    • Kris, it’s perfect and I was very comfortable. I loved your photos, but especially got a kick out of the rain…I remember those downpours with all the thunder and lighting…I really do not miss the thunder and lighting..ha ha be well, Nancy

    • Susan, the heat and humidity have been getting to both of us, the past two days it has been noticeably cooler, so I hope our hot spell is over. |Both Joe and I have been conking out most afternoons for at least an hour I the lounge chairs under the trees…it was a hot one, folks told us it would be…Nancy

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