Liz and Bill Come For A Visit

San Clemente 3.11.2013 002

Meeting new folks has been just so rewarding for Joe and I. People we would probably never have had the opportunity to know, have come into our lives because of this blog. Liz and Bill are a great example. Looking for a retirement spot with open hearts and eyes has led them to Ecuador’s coast. On Sunday they drove up from Manta to spend the day with us. Of course, you know if we have a chance, we will be taking you to Viviana’s, one of our favorite restaurants.

Several other Expat couples came by and were introduced including John and Mary who joined us for lunch, Bethany and Larry, Keith and Becky, Lou and Mary who had family visiting, Tio, as well as Libby and Jerri. This gave Liz and Bill an idea of the expat community in this area. After a great lunch we took them on a short sightseeing trip around town and then they were off to be sure to get to Manta before nightfall.

I hope your visit was as expected and that the balance of your time in Ecuador is wonderful.


6 thoughts on “Liz and Bill Come For A Visit

  1. Nancy, we had a WONDERFUL visit. So enjoyed meeting you and Joe, and the unexpected pleasure of all the other expats, as well. Loved the lunch at Viviana’s and hope you did not end up with a headache! We will keep you posted on our progress to become the next expats!
    Liz & Bill

    • Liz, we also had a great time meeting and visiting with you and Bill. One thing we have learned is to be aware of our surroundings, I should have seen that opening in the floor and not put my chair so close to it…no harm done, a good hard head helps, ha ha I am so happy that you were able to meet, even so briefly, some of the nice folks that are living in this area. Have a great balance of your visit. hasta pronto, Nancy & Joe

    • Doug and Jac, I hope you two enjoy your visit in San Clemente, it is small, it is peaceful most of the time and it is home! N

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