Pitahaya – Dragon Fruit

Our dear friend Keith introduced me to Pitahaya. What we have found in the bigger supermarkets and at the Charapoto mercado has been the plain-looking yellow ones like below.


While shopping at Hipermart a few days ago we found these beauties.

San Clemente 003

I am going to be totally honest, these pink ones are beautiful to look at but the yellow ones taste better to me. Please be careful on how many you eat, because they are addictive and the other side effect of eating too many at once is a quick trip to the baños…

This link below takes you to a very nice website talking more on this tasty fruit.



8 thoughts on “Pitahaya – Dragon Fruit

  1. I do not know why Ecuador can not grow Pitahayas while it’s neighbors -Peru and Columbia grow it in abundance and Suppermaxi sells it so expensive for the ordinary citizens to enjoy this fruit! When I was in Columbia and peru this fruit was so much cheaper to buy! And you are right about constipating relief after eating these fruits–All the best–Yusuf

    • Yusuf, I have seen this fruit in Supermaxi almost every time I have shopped, but not knowing what it was until our friend Keith told me about it. It goes for almost $5 per kilo. Now I have seen it at the local mercado and I have gotten it as cheap as 4 for $1…it is not grown on the coast so it needs to be brought in. Love it, Nancy

    • Hi Z, Either these are not as ripe or the fuchia colored ones just don’t taste as sweet to me. I am going to look up those options you were talking about. I will tell you that I made corvine the other day and made a salsa using papaya, wow was that good…tasted even better than mango and I can get papaya all the time…ohhhhh was it goooooood! Nancy

    • Ana, Guanabana is creamy and rich tasting. This is not like anything that I have eaten. The tiny seeds put some folks off, these pink ones are no where near as sweet as the yellow, they are still good but the yellow are great. I remember Pedor and Maria going crazy when they could find mamey, they sell them here for so cheap, the ones I have had are more like a peach in color and taste, I just sit dwon with a knife, peel it and eat down to the pit. The tropical fruits here are just wonderful and so plentiful. Thanks for writing, Nancy

  2. Oh wow, I love those! I bought a couple in Florida, too expensive but I had to try them. I haven’t seen any here in Panama though. I wonder if they are around in other seasons? Have you seen the plants? They are really interesting.

    • Hi Kris, I never saw them in Panama either, but I think they are more of a succulent so maybe that needs a drier climate than Panama. I just saw a program Better House and Gardens Australia and they had them with pink well almost red flesh…so there are many varieties. Nancy

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