Marilee and Penny

I know sometimes it sounds like I am the official meeter and greeter for anyone visiting San Clemente, Ecuador, but it is just not true. I just get to meet lovely folks that are looking for a better life in this beautiful country, who just happened upon our blog and we become friends even before meeting in person.

Yesterday we had a nice visit from Marilee and Penny, sisters who live in Canada on a vacation/sightseeing/area search in Ecuador. They will be staying in San Clemente for a short while and then they are off to other adventures on the coast.

San Clemente 2.25.2013 002

What lovely women. We sat under the trees in our yard, sipping lemonade and talking like we have known each other for ages. Marilee plans on making a cheesecake to share with her new-found friends in San Clemente and maybe we will even be able to convince them to join us for pizza at Meiers on Thursday evening. Merilee did the crab dance for us – nice moves girl! Sweet! Penny on the other hand seems to be more reserved but we need to look deep to see the wild-woman hidden within…


9 thoughts on “Marilee and Penny

  1. Oops – meant if my recipe works,not the mixer. I know it does!! Thanks to Mary for the mixer, Nancy, Thanks again for the pan. Now to get to work (at least sometime hoy)

  2. Hi Nancy. I think it is so nice that you share your experiences with others interested in the area. We are coming to Ecuador next week and will be staying in San Clemente from the 9th through the 12th. You have said you can’t get certain spices – what do you need? I would be happy to bring you some. Liz

    • Hi Liz, Have a safe trip, we will see you when you get here. I have written you an email. Where will you be staying? Let me know and I will get you directions to our beach hut, Nancy and Joe

    • Do you know Janet, I never thought of it that way…but he is like a Pig in Slop with all these lovely ladies around. I better keep a close eye on him. ha ha. We have been so blessed to meet some really great folks in our time here in Eucador. This morning I am making BBQ pork in the new pressure pot, one hour instead of four using the oven is great. Nancy

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