Introducing Corrina

Corrina Cortese
5 lbs. 8 oz.
17 3/4 ”
born Feb. 2, 2013….around 4:58 pm

exactly 1 month early….

Mommy Samantha, Daddy Corey, Grandma Debbie (my sister), Grandpa Tony, Aunties Jackie and Ashley and wonder dog Coco, protector of the realm.




149434_10104011766120424_855712238_n 207321_10104061724238954_213729701_n 72602_10104061723445544_994771829_n 64573_10104061724932564_770797280_n 64561_10104061723819794_380377993_n 60693_10104062166382894_1221046113_n 35504_10104052620133654_1700136667_n

482620_10104061725077274_1600894658_n 545676_10104061724104224_69992460_n 535583_10104057099327314_1715080280_n 549166_10104061722252934_1625607494_n 548740_10104061724713004_121909013_n )560154_10104061723989454_770466177_n


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