Harlan’s Return Visit to San Clemente

San Clemente 2.22a.2013 002

Several months back we were visited by Harlan and his lovely wife Kari. It was a wonderful visit as these folks were traveling around Ecuador. This week Harlan was flying solo making a return trip on the coast and dropped in for a visit.

It was a great afternoon as we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Viviana’s with excellent shrimp and of course good conversation.

We hope to see Harlan and Kari back on the coast permanently and wish only good things for the balance of his trip as he heads south.


2 thoughts on “Harlan’s Return Visit to San Clemente

    • Z, I love all the folks that contact me that are reading the blog. Adventurers every one following in footsteps of great folks from the past. Today is work in the yard for a little and then off to the beach. My one fish guy brought me some beautiful lobster so I am getting ready to cook the big one up and maybe I will make a lobster salad to take to the beach, that sounds great!!! Nancy

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